A milestone for Jasper today as he has started to reach and grab onto his toys.

While Mummy and Daddy were getting down and dirty cleaning out and organising Daddy’s shed, the little wild child was chilling out on the rug, laying on the deck. What a little cutie. He was quite happy for the most part too! Such a good little boy. Love his little   Read More ...

I’m going to start by saying WE ARE NOT BEACH PEOPLE! That became very clear after today’s trip to the beach. Let’s go to the beach today I thought, a nice family day out for the first day of the year. It will be fun. I’m laughing now just thinking   Read More ...

Jazz just loves to munch on anything or anyone! he can and ted is his latest victim.

Don’t you sometimes wish that things would just slow down! Jasper seems to be growing up so fast. It’s not just me, the world is moving at such a fast rate. Now that Christmas is over, all the Easter things are starting to pop up around us and that just   Read More ...

Not that he needed them, but they were pretty adorable. I bought Jasper a couple of cover alls the other day from Target, who were having a sale on baby clothes. I do love him in this new navy coverall!

Addi had some cuddles with his baby brother today. I just love this photo!

Finally we have finished Addison, Preston and Jasper’s cubby house which we bought for their birthdays. We wanted to of course paint and decorate the house which really was a challenge since I was heavily pregnant. It didn’t get done before we had Jasper, but somehow with a new born   Read More ...

What is typically a relaxing, fun day in our house. We don’t usually make too much of a fuss with travelling places at Christmas time. If I’m honest, I much prefer to spend time at home just being a family. It was great that Gran and Granddad could come and   Read More ...

As we do each year on Christmas day the kids all come up and the excitement starts, they get to open one present each and then we get ready for church. Once we are back home we open up more presents and spend a day together as a family. This   Read More ...

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