I left off my last post discussing the necessary changes to try and get my gut health back to normal. I would be lying if I said that I was all better and everything was wonderful. It’s not. I’m still not doing all that well. But I do know if   Read More ...

Hi everyone, yes I do still exist! It’s been a long time since I posted on my blog… nearly a year actually. I see my last post is of Easter photos from 2016 and we are about to celebrate Easter in a couple of weeks. You might have wondered what   Read More ...

Our Easter Sunday started out with the kids waking up to find a couple of Easter eggs left by the bunny. They lead upstairs to more presents and a note letting them know there was an egg hunt for them. They searched the house and found some more eggs. Mummy   Read More ...

Here are a few of the photos that I took on my phone over Easter. Sometimes I tend to just take photos on my phone cos it is quick and handy. They might not be the greatest but they capture the moment.

This weekend we took the boys for a walk at Mt Tamborine to have a look at one of the waterfalls, they had a really nice time. Addison and Preston did really well keeping up on the walk. It was some nice family time.

Out in the backyard 2 of the boys were having a fun time (while Preston slept). Addison has been loving soccer and kicking his ball around. Jasper just loves being outside, always has. So he’s happy to do anything and everything, getting into any mischief he can.

During March we had some cheeky behaviour from the little one, deciding to draw on his legs (he had a little assistance too…you’ll notice a couple of bones drawn on!). He also helped himself to some of Addi’s left over munch and crunch! More house progress with the trusses going   Read More ...

Daddy is away on work so I decided to take the kids on a solo trip to Toowoomba to see Gran and Grandad. I was concerned about going on my own, and let’s just say the drive was far from wonderful (went through a massive storm on the way)…. scariest   Read More ...

A big part of our February was our visit to see Gran and Grandad (you can see those photos in a separate post). We also had more progress on our house with the delivery of building materials brought up by crane, the slab being laid and framing going up. Mummy   Read More ...

My baby is all grown up. Today marks the first day of BIG school! Addison is starting prep and I couldn’t be more proud, excited and nervous for him. This is going to be a huge year! So many things to look forward to. It will be a massive adjustment,   Read More ...

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