I can’t remember if I have previously shared these or not, but since I’ve been going through and updating my blog I thought I would post some of my favourite photos from my maternity photo shoots while pregnant with Jasper. I’ve also put a few fun colour edits in there too. Let’s   Read More ...

Preston’s day at the Railway Workshop Museum to see the trains for his third birthday.  

Preston patiently waited all week for his birthday after all the excitement of last weekend. Because we have Jasper’s party and Addison’s playdate we decided instead for Prez we would have a special outing. The day started off in the usual way…. presents! lots of presents. Once Preston opened these   Read More ...

What a busy time of year it is for us with three little boys having their birthdays within a month of each other. Today our big boy is 5! He’s grown up so much in the last year and has been talking about his birthday for weeks now (probably months).   Read More ...

I took a couple of quick photos of Jazzy while he was on the bed, but the flash was a little much for him and we captured some funny faces.

It’s nice to have some family time together, today we all went out the back to have a little play in the yard. (excuse Mummy’s pj pants hehe)

More beautiful photos of my beautiful boy Jasper, now 8 months old.

Jasper and Preston playing with their toys.

Big brother Addison always loving his little Jazzy.

Super Jazzy to the rescue. Nice and safe in the arms of Daddy.

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