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Lots of love for Mummy this month with Mother’s Day celebrations. The boys spoilt me on mother’s day with lots of things they made and that Daddy had bought. We had a fun day at Seaworld together too. Preston and Jasper made me feel extra special at kindy with their   Read More ...

While in Toowoomba for Easter we visited the park behind Gran and Grandad’s house and the boys had heaps of fun on the new play equipment. We even took the boys bikes and a ball to kick around. Everyone had a great time.

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We celebrated Easter this April which meant a trip to Toowoomba to visit Gran and Grandad (seperate post). Easter is always so much fun with our big boy Addi on school holidays, we get to do lots of fun things like baking and decorating cookies. April was also a huge   Read More ...

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Charles and I celebrated our 8th Wedding Anniversary on the 1st March, so we had a date day in Brisbane, visiting the Art Gallery, going on the Eye at Southbank and later going to a movie. Addison was doing well at school, we got his grade 1 school photo and   Read More ...

It seems we had a fairly quiet February. Probably settling back into the routine of school. We had some more home improvements happening, with our drive way being repoured and new pathways being put in at the side of the house. Mummy and her two big boys attended the annual   Read More ...

Holidays are over and Addison is heading into grade 1. He’s really excited to be going back to school and seeing his friends. He was really happy with the friends that he has in his class this year and is looking forward to meeting his new teacher.

Today is Preston’s first day of Pre-Prep, his official kindy year before starting school in 2018.

Lot of fun in January 2017 at Wet n Wild, SeaWorld, the beach and park. We even got to go to our first concert and see Mister Maker and the Shapes live! It was such a fun show, Addi and Prez really enjoyed it and so did I! Addison started   Read More ...

Something that I’m hoping to do each year as the boys grow is a special Christmas Photo Shoot. I would absolutely love to get these done professionally but unfortunatley the cost is just too much. Plus I love to take photos and love to edit, so I figure it is   Read More ...

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Right, so December 2016 was pretty much a month full of fun and playtime. There were beach trips and time at the park. We went out to breakfast, there was heaps of play! We went and had our santa photo with Nanny (see the seperate post for the photo itself).   Read More ...

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