This has been a problem since day one! I have been totally unsure as to what I was going to do as far as a change table, wanting to have something both upstairs and downstairs.

Downstairs had a fairly simple solution, after much thought I decided it wasn’t worth buying a regular change table to put in the bedroom as I still wanted to have a change mat for bath time. With new carpet going into Addison’s room I didn’t want to have bath water splashed all over the floor, so it made sense to use our second bathroom (combined laundry room). We also have a lot of bench space in this room which means that change time and bath time would be very easy.

However, we were still faced with the problem of what to do for upstairs. Since Addi’s first 6 months of life will be spent primarily upstairs rather than his room I felt it necessary to have most of what I need handy upstairs. Plus it saves me walking up and down stairs with him in the middle of the night, which would just be silly.

Since this was only going to be a second change table for convenience, I didn’t want to pay a great deal of money for the solution. I had been looking around and had been suggested many ideas, one of which was a portable/folding change table that was very basic. It’s simply a piece of PVC across a folding frame, which meant that it could be taken to nanny and poppy’s house or gran and granddad’s house when we were visiting. However these tables are so basic they the don’t offer much in the way of storage or anything else for that matter. This would have been fine, but they retail new for $60.00 and I thought to myself, surely I can find something second hand on eBay for much less.

Despite not wanting a change table and baby bath all in one I ended up doing a back flip on this. After all it is a second change table and really the bath is just a bonus… I might not even end up using this part. You may be wondering why I didn’t want one of these change tables in the first place. Well the main reason was that due to the flip up design of the change pad to bath tub meant that you couldn’t easily take the baby straight out of the bath and put him down on the change pad. Would require a little bit of juggling.

I do know that you can get some change tables that have both the mat and bath all in one that have a feature where the bath pulls out to the side, however these do take up a lot of space and don’t look all that stable.

So after much mental debate (as you can tell from the above), I found a second hand all in one change table on eBay that had barely been used and was in near new condition. Long story short I won the auction, paying $36.00, picked it up and am over the moon with it. I’ve cleaned it all up and it is ready to go. It has great storage, the bath insert if I do decide to use it and most importantly somewhere I can easily change Addi’s nappies upstairs!! Oh and it is on lockable caster wheels so I can move it around where ever I need it with ease!

My New Change Table Bought on eBay

My New Change Table Bought on eBay

Problem Solved!!!!!

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