Today we had an appointment to have Addison’s 18 month needles which was two needles, one in either arm.

First we had Addi weighed and measured, he’s 10kgs, 81.5cms tall and 48cm head circumference. We saw Dr Jane next and had a big chat to her about how Addi is progressing. I asked her about Addison’s weight and she said that he was 100% perfect for his height and taking into consideration the height and build of his parents. So all those people that have an opinion about Addison’s weight can rest assured that my little boy is very healthy, he is not underweight and by no means “looks like he needs a good feed” (as someone in a park had the nerve to say to me).

The doctor was also very impressed by the progress that we had made with regards to sleep and we discussed the options for further progress. The breastfeeding and weaning were also talked about. Things are looking positive in that area as well, with Addi starting to drink A2 milk in the last few days.

Next was for the horrible part, the needles. I firstly had my flu shot then it was Addi’s turn. He did so well but got really upset by the injections. We eventually calmed him down and got him back to his happy little self. The nurse gave him a teddy bear sticker which he just loved, kept it on his hand for hours!!

I’m so glad to say that we don’t have to go back for any more injections until he is 4 years old! So very happy about that!!! The only down side is that Squiggle will have to go through the 18 month process when he/she arrives.

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  1. GRAN says:

    Hi, Melissa,
    That’s all great news re Addi’s growth and development. I pray daily for him to sleep better and give you two a chance to get better sleep which you so badly need. RE the needles – the lesser of two evils no doubt but also a chance to show him he can cope with tough times too.
    love you all heaps – and he is the cutest little boy I know.
    I’m enjoying your June photos.

  2. Melissa says:

    So all those meanies can just zip it!! He’s perfect (but we all knew that). Sleep gets there slowly and surely, and will get better and better. I think the older he gets the more understanding he has as to what is going on. Everyone says you can’t reason with a toddler, but Addi seems to understand that he has to sleep so that he can play and have more fun the next day. It’s the one thing that settles him when he is getting really upset, calmly talking to him about all the great things he will get to do tomorrow. As for the needles they are for the best, I just hate having to go through it and see him hurt like that. I’m just glad he hasn’t really had any terrible reactions to any of the needles. There was only once that I can recall where he had a fever and was a bit off for the night. This time he was fine. Glad you are enjoying the June photos, just something fun to do and rather from my perspective, the way Addi sees the world!! Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks for the big party. Love always xo.

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