Addison is much more relaxed these days around Preston and is sliding into his role of big brother wonderfully. He does the sweetest things and is a big help to Mummy when looking after his little brother. You can tell these two are going to be best of friends.

I find Addi randomly grabbing a face washer and wiping Preston’s chin. If he gets upset Addi will rock him in his seat or cot. He runs up and gives him kisses on the forehead, I’ve even found him holding his hand for long periods of time. When Preston is awake he goes and finds his ball and book to play with him. The other day he even tried to problem solve why Preston might be crying by getting his sheep toy and giving it to him (throwing it into the cot for him). If he is upset Addi runs over to me and points at my breasts, as though to say “Mummy, he’s hungry, you should feed him!!” I think that Addison will make a great Dad one day! He’s probably better at this parent stuff than I am haha!

Looking at these photos it is hard to think that this is the same little boy that wouldn’t even touch his new baby brother only a couple of months ago. He would pull away from this tiny little person, not quite sure what to think! You can see the love that he has for him and it makes me so happy. It’s a long way from the thoughts I was having in the hospital, wondering if I had done the right thing by having another baby as it had turned my family upside down and Addi wouldn’t even talk to me or hug me. Everything new takes time I suppose and thankfully in this case it was well worth the wait.

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