Something that I have wanted to protect Addison from for as long as humanly possible as finally happened. Early Thursday morning I woke up to go and feed Preston and just as I had him settled I heard Addi crying in the other room. Daddy was in with him so I waited a little while to see if he would calm down before going in. After a little bit the crying was not getting any better so I went in. I was met at the door by Charles saying “he’s throwing up.” In that moment I felt so sad for my little boy.

We all know how horrible it is to have no control over our body and experience that terrible feeling of throwing up but imagine being a little person, having no idea what is going on!! So scared of this uncontrollable feeling!

I didn’t know what to think. Was it just a once off, or was he sick, was it food poisoning? No one knew what we were in for over the next few days.

About 30 mins to an hour later I started to feel bad, sure enough I had whatever it was that Addi had. It was so nasty, I just couldn’t stop myself from thinking how bad he must be feeling if this is how I felt. It continued for the rest of the morning. Mummy trying to comfort Addi each time but then having to run off to look after herself. Life really isn’t fair.

Thankfully Daddy was fine and able to help us out. He took the day off work and cared for Addi and Preston while Mummy tried to get some rest. It’s really not easy being a Mum when you are sick, especially when you have a little baby that still needs to breastfeed every few hours and is still very clingy to Mummy. We went to the doctor later that morning who suggested we use formula for Preston while Mummy tried to get some fluids into her (2 to 3 litres!) but as you all know we are not keen on that. So of course I struggled through feeding my boy. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve done, but we got there and I’m glad I did.

After some medication and a shot from the doctor things seemed to settle down for Mummy but of course Addison is too little for that sort of thing and so he had another day of throwing up :(. He was so sad the following few days, it made my heart break to see him like that. The doctor thought that it might have been food poisoning due to the timing of us both getting sick, but this was thrown out the window when Daddy started throwing up on the Friday night. Thankfully after a big rest all of Saturday he was feeling much better.

On the Monday Mummy came down with Preston’s cold! It just seemed to be one thing after another and it felt like I must have run over a kitten with the luck I was having. We were off to the Dr again to have Preston checked out this time, as his cough was sounding a bit nasty. Apparently we had a week of this still to go and the best news…Addi would most likely get this too. How much more could one little person take.

Addi was sad, not eating properly and had lost a lot of weight. He went from 13.2 kgs to 11.9 kgs in a matter of days. I’ve since started him on a kids multi or as Mummy calls them Addi’s special lollies. Sure enough today Addi has a cold. I guess we have yet another long week ahead of us.

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  1. Gran says:

    Hi, Melissa,
    It has been really hard for you all but you did so well to just focus on nursing the boys and yourself and resting as much as you could. And it must have really helped Preston that you contitued to breastfeed. Imagine how much harder it would have been for him and you if you had tried to introduce a bottle when he was needing your milk more to help him. And what if he had reacted to the formula? I hope you are all bouncing back and eating and hydrating well.

  2. Melissa says:

    The doctor actually said to me on Monday when I went back with Preston “so how did the formula go?” I told him I just continued to breastfeed :) Oh well, he is a male..probably doesn’t understand as well as my regular doctor would.

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