I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks now, the Trinity school fete was on today and of course we went for a fun time.

We got some wonderful bargains for Addi and had a good time. We went a couple years ago when I was pregnant with Addi and got a huge bag of clothes for me to wear when I was pregnant. This time I looked in the baby clothes instead to find some bargains for Addi. Basically you get a plastic bag for $4 that you can fill up with anything you like.

I searched through the clothes and there seemed to be a lot of girls things and not too much boys stuff, but I still managed to find somethings in size one and two for Addi. Got so many great brands, pumpkin patch, sprout, target just to name a few. New jeans for Addi, a little winter hoodie, elmo and thomas shirts, a pj top, denim shorts and overalls, plus plenty more.

In a way it makes you feel really bad because you know that if I was to go out and buy them new I would have paid hundreds for the stuff I brought home, instead I paid $4 for the lot!!! I just wished that I knew the gender of Squiggle, because if I am having a girl I could have got some wonderful things. Oh well, there is always next year!!

We also got addi some new little board books, all 50 cents each including some Spot and Pooh Bear books. We also got Addison some second hand soft toys, a big bag of Pooh Bear and Friends toys for $8. There was an Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, Kanga, Owl and Pooh of course all for only $8, you really can get some great second hand things if you just look around!!! I was so disappointed I missed out on a little people toy, it just shows you to go with your instincts and never consult the hubby lol, as you tend to miss out on things!! But oh well, I’m very happy with everything we got for Addi at the fete.

Addi played the clowns for the first time, but he was actually scared of the clown and didn’t want to come close to his mouth which made putting the balls in very hard. He did do one but Mummy did the rest. We got a little motorbike as a prize (Addi just loves bikes at the moment…he better grow out of that in years to come, no son of mine will ride one of those things!!!).

Of course we couldn’t go past the yummy fete food so we picked up some coconut ice and rocky road for us to share at home. Had some lunch as well before heading back home for Addison’s nap time.

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  1. GRAN says:

    What a great time you both had – what bargains!
    Way to go.

  2. admin says:

    Can’t wait for next year’s fete, I just love a good fete and a bargain too!!! Wait until you see some of the clothes. They are totally adorable on him (but any old rags would be).

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