When I first started trying for a baby, I had a search on the internet of different things I could make for the baby. Toys were of course one of the things I decided to make some of myself. I really loved all the little soft toys I found that were simple and made from brightly coloured fabrics. Most of them had these cute little ribbon tags to hold onto. I decided to start out small and make a fabric cube with little ribbon tags from the left over birdie fabrics from making the quilt cover.

Toy Fabric Cube with Ribbon Tags

Toy Fabric Cube with Ribbon Tags

I found it was a little tricky when putting the final top and bottom sides onto the four walls to make the cube, so ended up hand sewing these instead of using the machine. It was just a bit hard to get around the corners and make it all meet up and match if I used the sewing machine. The fabric cube has just been filled with toy stuffing, and the ribbon tags are attached, double sewing them for durability.

Next I think I might try an animal or perhaps an apple, I’ve seen some really cute photos of some made and would love to give it a go.

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