You May Like to Think About Decorating the Nursery While You Have the Energy

You May Like to Think About Decorating the Nursery While You Have the Energy

By 25 weeks of pregnancy you may be feeling much better than previous weeks and have regained some energy. You are now showing however you are not so huge that you find it impossible to get around and do things.

You may consider taking this time to work on the baby’s room (nursery) and getting better prepared for the arrival of your little one.

Remember however that if you plan to have a baby shower a little later in your pregnancy not to go over board buying too many things for your baby. There will still be plenty of time to get the last minute things you need after your baby shower.

Consider Your Baby's Sleeping Arrangements When Born

Consider Your Baby's Sleeping Arrangements When Born

You should also start to consider where you will sleep your baby in the early months of life. Look into all of your options and the requirements of your baby with regards to SIDS and for the optimum healthy start in life.

You might even like to start thinking of names for your baby, considering both boys and girls names if you haven’t found out what you are having.

Enjoy your pregnancy and every aspect of it including all the little things so you are ready for when your baby comes.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy your uterus has reached about the size of a soccer or volleyball. As your growing uterus puts pressure on your back and pelvis you may experience shooting pains.

These sharp or shooting pains may be felt in your lower back, pelvis or down the back of your legs, they may become worse as your uterus continues to expand.

To help with the pain be sure to rest, have a warm bath, change your position or apply a cold pack to the sore areas.

Similarly some women experience sciatica during pregnancy which can cause great discomfort. This can compress the nerves in the lower legs and back even affecting your ability to walk or move without suffering pain.

There are some ways to help with the pain such as applying heat or cold packs, seeking chiropractic or physiotherapy care and massage therapy. Like most symptoms suffered during pregnancy, sciatica will generally be relieved immediately or within a few days following the birth of your baby.

Using Cream can Help Reduce Itcy Skin During Pregnancy

Using Cream can Help Reduce Itcy Skin During Pregnancy

As discussed in previous weeks itchy skin is a common symptom of pregnancy, especially around the belly however it can be all over the body. There is also a more server itching condition that women suffer from during pregnancy referred to as PUPPP (pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy), it is less common affecting 1 in 100-150 pregnant women.

As part of having PUPPP you will notice little red bumps on your skin that are very itchy. General itchiness can be helped by applying creams to your skin, if you are very concerned speak to your doctor for alternative treatments.

Other discomforts you may be facing at this stage of pregnancy are achy or numb fingers, even shooting or burning pains.

Constipation resulting in hemorrhoids may arrise at 25 weeks of pregnancy, increasing your intake of fiber will assist with keeping you regular. Some high fiber foods include brown rice, sweet potato, baked beans and some cereals.


Your baby is measuring approximately 35 cms long from crown to heel and weighs in at about 660 grams by 25 weeks of pregnancy. Most babies when born will weigh on average of 7 to 8 pounds however can be as small as 6 pounds or as large as 10 pounds.

The size of a baby at birth is generally affected by the mother, therefore if you were an average baby then most likely so will be your child. Week by week your baby will continue to put on more and more weight, losing the wrinkled appearance of his/her skin.

Your Baby's Ears Are Fully Formed so Sing, Talk and Read to Him/Her

Your Baby's Ears Are Fully Formed so Sing, Talk and Read to Him/Her

At this stage of pregnancy your baby’s optic never is functioning and if you were to shine a light at your tummy, he/she would shy away from it turning his/her head.

All of the baby’s senses are in full swing with his/her ears now fully developed. Continue to talk, sing and read to your baby, your baby may even respond to loud noises from outside the womb by moving.

By 25 weeks of pregnancy your baby’s spine is beginning to mature, nostrils are developing and he/she has fully formed fingerprints and fingernails, able to curl his/her hands into fists.

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