Feeling Uncomfortable in your Clothing During Pregnancy? Try lose Fitting Clothes

Feeling Uncomfortable in your Clothing During Pregnancy? Try lose Fitting Clothes

You may start to feel a little uncomfortable in your clothes and they may be a little tight despite not looking that much bigger in size.

Early on you may feel more comfortable in lose fitting clothes especially around your tummy. Try wearing dresses more than pants to reduce the pressure from your clothing.

Bloating is also another common complaint of pregnant women. Your slowed digestion system that passes nutrients on to your baby via your bloodstream is the main cause of most gastro related symptoms.

You may benefit from smaller meals throughout the day rather than 3 large meals, eating as healthy as possible. Also ensure you keep drinking plenty of water during your pregnancy.

During your pregnancy you will also be advised to take Folic Acid supplements to help reduce the risk of spina bifida. As soon as you find out you are pregnant you should start taking these tablets. The amount recommended for pregnant women is 400 to 600 mcg (0.4 to 0.6 mg).

There are a Range of Pregnancy Supplements Available, Speak to your Midwife or Doctor for Advice

There are a Range of Pregnancy Supplements Available, Speak to your Midwife or Doctor for Advice

You can buy from pharmacies all round pregnancy supplements that not only contain the Folic Acid you require but also a variety of vitamins and minerals to help with the healthy development of your baby.

There are a few brands of these on the market, however always check the amount of Folic Acid in them to ensure you are getting enough each day and you don’t need to take additional tablets to top up to the recommended levels.

Eating healthy food is often not enough to ensure your body is getting everything it needs, if you have been taking a general multi vitamin prior to falling pregnant you should swap this for a pregnancy supplement. Speak to your midwife or doctor for further information.


Your baby’s heart is ever developing and at such a rapid rate, it is now separating into 4 chambers and blood is circulating through the body. If you have had your first ultrasound taken you would have seen that your baby’s head is much larger in comparison with the rest of the body, this is to accommodate the amazing growth of the brain.

Intestines are forming in the umbilical cord, but will later move back to where they should be in the abdominal cavity. The cells that determine the sex of the baby are now in place and will either form the ovaries or testes, however don’t get your hopes up yet, it is still far too early to tell the gender of your baby. You won’t find this out until about 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Major organs are developing ever so fast and your baby is even starting to form upper limbs. At this stage they are not fully formed but look more like paddles. Feet will begin to show with little toes as well as facial features such as external ears. Primitive bone structures develop and bones are fusing together forming facial features.

Your baby is about the size of a grape and measures 10 to 13 mms from crown to rump.

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