While Pregnant You May Face a Lack of or Broken Sleep

While Pregnant You May Face a Lack of or Broken Sleep

You will most likely start to feel better during this month, especially if you have been suffering from morning sickness symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.

However you might find that some of the other symptoms of pregnancy persist, such as headaches becoming more common; I know that they were for me at this stage of pregnancy.

In addition to the headaches acting up due to the change in your hormones, a lack of or broken sleep may be making life difficult.

It may seem silly because at this stage you won’t have changed in size all that much physically, however you might find that sleeping with a pillow under your tummy is a big help to get a restful night sleep. There are also specially designed body pillows for pregnant women which you may find useful, especially in months to come.

Keeping your stress levels down will help reduce headaches, try having some quiet breaks during the day especially if you are having trouble sleeping at night.

Drink Plenty of Water and Keep Stress Levels Down to Help Reduce Headaches

Drink Plenty of Water and Keep Stress Levels Down to Help Reduce Headaches

Even a relaxing massage can help to relieve stress and help with headaches, these do not have to cost a lot of money, your partner or husband might be willing to help.

Drinking plenty of water is very important during pregnancy and will also assist with reducing headaches.

There are some medications that are considered safe to take while you are pregnant to relieve headaches, however if you are like me you will be trying to avoid taking anything at all.

If doing all of the above has not helped, you should call your doctor for further advice. Medication may be the only option for pain relief from your headaches, in which case you should seek the advice of your doctor.


The placenta is developing very quickly, and by the 11th week of pregnancy your baby will be recognisable as a human being. The baby’s features are much more clearly defined and can be seen on an ultrasound scan.

The baby has straightened out as the first bones start to form as flexible cartilage. The bones will be growing rapidly with the main organs now functioning on their own.

Smaller details will start to develop such as fingernails and toenails. The eyelids are still closed however the baby’s eyes are completely formed.

External genital organs are growing but it can be very difficult to distinguish the sex of the baby by ultrasound at this stage of pregnancy. Doctors will generally wait until the second trimester to make any sort of observation regarding the gender of your baby.

The crown to rump length of the baby is approximately 50 mms and weighs about 8 grams.

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