First Trimester Week By Week Pregnancy Guide

Week 1 of Pregnancy – Ovulation, fertility and conception of your baby. Planning for your baby by stopping contraception and making important lifestyle changes to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

Week 2 of Pregnancy – The ins and outs of conception: how an egg is fertilised. How the sex of your baby is determined, plus find out how twins and multiple births occur.

Week 3 of Pregnancy – You will usually miss your cycle at the end of this week, an early sign of pregnancy. Implantation occurs: this very small egg will grow and develop into your baby.

Week 4 of Pregnancy – Your body is already making the necessary changes to carry your baby to term. Start making lifestyle changes such as adjusting your exercise and eating habits to suit pregnancy.

Week 5 of Pregnancy – Confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test and calculate your estimated date of delivery. Make yourself aware of the risks during pregnancy to help avoid a miscarriage.

Week 6 of Pregnancy – Morning sickness, hormones and frequent visits to the bathroom are just some of the signs of pregnancy women experience during the first trimester, around week 6. Your babies heart is beating and circulating blood around its body.

Week 7 of Pregnancy – More symptoms of pregnancy develop and you will notice changes to your body as your pregnancy develops. Your metabolic rate changes and requires you to increase your intake of calories. Little features form: indents where your baby’s nostrils and ears will grow.

Week 8 of Pregnancy – You may be feeling uncomfortable this week as your body expands during pregnancy. Eating right is important, ensure you get the folic acid that is necessary for the healthy development of your baby. The cells that determine the sex of your baby are now in place and major organs are forming.

Week 9 of Pregnancy – Pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster as symptoms continue to develop during the first trimester. Your baby’s body parts are in position, cells that create  ovaries or testes begin to form however there is no visible appearance of gender at this stage.

Week 10 of Pregnancy – It is important to make all the necessary life style adjustments during pregnancy for the sake of the healthy development of your baby. Everything that enters your body will have an affect on your unborn child. You are feeding your baby to nourish and support its rapid growth.

Week 11 of Pregnancy – During this month you may begin to feel much better, however other pregnancy symptoms may persist. Difficulty sleeping can occur despite your size and headaches may be a problem you suffer from this week. Look for natural remedies and always think twice before you take any medication.

Week 12 of Pregnancy – From 11 to 13 weeks an ultrasound scan is performed to measure the nuchal translucency at the back of your baby’s neck. This gives you a level of risk assessment of birth defects. It is also the first time you will see your baby and his/her physical development. The umbilical cord is now completely mature, carrying nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to your baby.

Week 13 of Pregnancy – Your uterus will begin to rise and you may begin to put on weight, with your pregnancy starting to “show” from this point on. Pregnancy symptoms and hormones should start to settle down also. It’s also time to consider birth plans and book yourself into the hospital if that is the path you decide to take for your labour.

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