For most of the earlier stages of pregnancy many of the changes to your body will be related to a lot of the symptoms of pregnancy. You may be experiencing none, some or all of these during the first trimester while your body is going under the changes to make way for the baby.

Your Metabolic Rate Will Start to Increase During Pregnancy

Your Metabolic Rate Will Start to Increase During Pregnancy

From week 7 your metabolic rate will start to increase and because of this you will need more protein and calories. For more information on eating during pregnancy please see the menu items. During pregnancy you need to be aware of what is and isn’t safe to eat, some foods are higher risk than others.

This is another topic that many people have different ideas on; the information on this site is taken directly from doctors rather than the various contradictions that can be found on the internet. If you have any concerns about particular foods, it is advised to ask your doctor.

The volume of blood begins to rise in your circulatory system; the placental system uses about 25% of this blood. The blood supply to your vagina and vulva also increases over the next few weeks and they both become a purple colour.

You may notice you have more discharge while you are pregnant due to an increased amount of watery substance created within, as your vaginal walls become soft and relaxed.

During Pregnancy You Will Experience Tender Breasts and They Will Start to Swell

During Pregnancy You Will Experience Tender Breasts and They Will Start to Swell

You may be noticing some symptoms of pregnancy such as constipation or indigestion. You may also feel dizzy and are more likely to get tired more easily.

Your breasts may be slightly tender and start to swell, with the skin around your areola starting to look lighter while your nipples may get darker.

You may also be experiencing breakouts due to the increase of hormones. Although you are probably already going to the bathroom on the hour, every hour, be sure to drink plenty of water to help with your skin and of course your general well being.


The baby’s heart rate beats about twice the rate of yours at 140 to 150 times per minute. The heart also has a right and left chamber, and can be seen on an ultrasound. I had my first ultrasound and appointment with my OB at 7 weeks and could see the movement of the baby’s heart and see the heart beat.

The baby is approximately 9 to 11 mms in length (crown to rump) which is about the size of a bean (hence the nickname of Jellybean for our baby)!

Other little features include dark spots where the eyes will begin to form and indents where the ears and nostrils will develop.

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