Back Pain is a Common Complaint at this Stage of Pregnancy

Back Pain is a Common Complaint at this Stage of Pregnancy

By 29 weeks of pregnancy, back pain is a common complaint from many pregnant woman. There are some things that you can do to ease your discomfort such as massage and maintaining the correct posture. Massage can also help with leg cramping and your general, overall aches and pains at this stage of pregnancy.

You may think that it is difficult to have correct posture during pregnancy with your big belly, however it will do you the world of good. Not only is it beneficial for you but will help to have your baby in the correct position for an easier birth.

When you slump or slouch in your chair your baby feels like it is in a hammock and is very comfortable, however this often sees your baby facing the wrong way, making for a more difficult delivery.  

Keep Up Your Fluids During Any Exercise

Keep Up Your Fluids During Any Exercise

Try to maintain some form of exercise to keep your body strong and help with back pain. However make sure you rest and not over do yourself. Keep up your fluids at all times, but especially during any exercise. You will find that drinking plenty of water during your third trimester will help to make you feel better.

Maintaining a healthy and nutritional diet at week 29 of pregnancy is also very important as your baby’s nutritional needs grow, reaching their peak during the third trimester.

Eating several smaller needs during the day can help to ensure your baby is getting everything he/she needs to continue to grow and develop to full term.

Ensure you are getting plenty of vitamin C, folic acid, iron, protein and calcium in your diet. For further information on food and eating during pregnancy, take a look at the Pregnancy Baby Child Eating for Two article.

Spend Some Quality Time as a Couple

Spend Some Quality Time as a Couple

As your baby grows you may feel breathless at times and as though you can’t get enough air. This is due to your uterus pressing against your diaphragm, however this pressure will start to relieve at about 34 weeks or just before birth as your baby’s head moves descends into your pelvis and into position for delivery.

During these last weeks spend some quality time as a couple. Your baby will arrive before you know it, turning your lives upside down. Soon you will both experience sleepless nights and tending to your baby’s every need, which will mean less time for yourselves.

Also remember to take time out for yourself, and enjoy some pampering. Even a little get away for the week or weekend might be just what you need to relax and unwind.


At 29 weeks of pregnancy your baby will weigh about 1.1kgs and measure approximately 39cms from head to toe. Your baby is now surrounded by about 1 litre of amniotic fluid, however this will gradually decrease as your baby grows. In addition to this, your baby passes urine into the amniotic fluid at the rate of about 500mls per day.

Over the next few weeks your baby will have much less room to move about in and may decrease the amount of movements made during the day. He/she will however wriggle around inside you if you are in a position that isn’t comfortable for your little one.

An Ultrasound Will Determine the Orientation of Your Baby

An Ultrasound Will Determine the Orientation of Your Baby

During the following weeks your obstetrician will check your baby’s orientation, babies can continue to turn and move about up until 36 weeks.

By this stage your baby has developed the ability to position him/herself in space and will continue to lie with his/her head upwards during this month. However, if your baby is maturing fast he/she might have already turned upside down and settled in for birth. This is actually quite common for a first time pregnancy.

Development is going great guns this month as your baby now begins to control and regulate its own body temperature. His/her bone marrow has also completely taken over the responsibility for making red blood cells.

As your baby develops in these last stages and gets ready for birth, if born prematurely, he/she would have an excellent chance of survival.

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