You will be showing many different signs of pregnancy, although you may not have gained much weight. At 15 weeks of your pregnancy you will find that your uterus is just above the pubic bone, however there is great variation between when your pregnancy will become visible.

Stay Comfortable When Pregnant By Wearing Loose Fitting Clothing

Stay Comfortable When Pregnant By Wearing Loose Fitting Clothing

You may already be showing, especially if this is your second or third pregnancy. The main reason for this is that your muscles of your abdomen are much more lax and therefore your uterus will fall forward easily due to the relaxation of the surrounding supporting ligaments.

Generally you will start to show anywhere between 14 and 20 weeks of pregnancy, despite your baby still being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

It is important to remember that while your body is changing you should do your best to stay as comfortable as possible by wearing loose fitting clothing.

You may also see a dark line appear on your abdomen which is referred to as the linea nigra. It develops down the centre of your abdomen due to your uterus being forced out of the pelvic cavity into the abdomen. This of course is caused by the little growing person inside you and can be felt on examination.

Wearing a Supportive Bra When Pregnant Will Help Relieve Discomfort

Wearing a Supportive Bra When Pregnant Will Help Relieve Discomfort

Other changes that you will be facing are to your breasts and nipples may be feeling sore or tingle. Your nipples may be darkening in colour as your skin is becoming more deeply pigmented and surface veins appearing prominent.

Wearing a supportive bra will help to relieve some of the discomfort you may be facing. Also try wearing a crop top style bra at night time for extra support and comfort. 


Your baby’s proportions are still a little varied, with the legs being longer than its arms; however your baby is looking much more human as it continues to develop. Your baby’s hands now have tiny fingernails to go with its unique fingerprints.

With transparent skin your baby’s blood vessels can be seen. The skin is however now covered completely with a fine and downy hair which will remain until your baby is nearly full-term. This hair is referred to as lanugo; it is generally replaced by vellus hair at approximately 33 to 36 weeks gestation. It is funny to think that seals and elephants are generally born with a covering of lanugo, rest assured your baby will not look like an elephant or seal!

The skeleton of your baby continues to produce more bones at 15 weeks of pregnancy and they are starting to become harder with sufficient calcium which can be seen on an x-ray.

Your baby actually inhales and exhales amniotic fluid while your baby practices their breathing which will help the air sacs continue to develop throughout pregnancy.

Your baby’s crown to rump length at 15 weeks is approximately 10.5 cms long and is rapidly growing, weighing more than 68 grams.

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