Addison is becoming a very good counter. He’s quite funny with his numbers, he can count from 1 to 10 with ease. He can read the numbers too and will happily count but when asked the question “how many are there” the response is usually “3!!!” no matter what. That response is generally followed with a “Go on, count them!” at which point he will either try and make it like there are three or whatever random number he has selected, or actually count them properly and say the correct answer.

We have just started introducing the teens and the idea of the other numbers (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc) to him. He has grasped it very quickly, understanding that 2 and 0 is twenty, even saying it when a 20th century fox movie comes on. He will announce with certainty “two and “o” is twenty.” The one that he makes me giggle with is his “eleven-teen” :).

Addi Counting

Addi Counting

Preston isn’t as keen on books as Addi ever was at his age, but certainly much more interested than I’ve seen others of his age. I remember trying to read to a friend of mine’s child who at the time was around 12 months and she was not interested in the slightest. I found that unusual at that stage since Addi has always been such a book worm. Since having Preston it makes a little more sense, but even he will sit and look at the books properly.

At this stage though he finds it much more entertaining to pull all the books off the shelf and even sometimes rearrange them, just for kicks! At least he knows what to do with a book and gets the general idea. Some children I’ve seen have no respect whatsoever for books and throw them around like toys. Preston has been drawn more towards the textured books and enjoys touching each page (a tactile baby), where Addison was always much more focused on the story. Just another way that they are different.

Preston Reading

Preston Reading

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