Before becoming a mum and dad for the second time I felt it was important that Charles and I got to spend at least a day together, alone. This barely happens for us, we don’t even get to spend a day as a family very often due to the hours of work that Daddy keeps! So any time with Charles if very precious to me and Addison.

Today Addi spent the day with Nanny and Poppy so that we could enjoy a day date together, just the two of us.

We enjoyed some family shopping time first before we drove to Nanny and Poppy’s house, where Addi got a treat cookie and some fairy bread :).

After we dropped Addison off we drove back and it was time for a small lunch. We found a cute cafe near where we had massages booked, and enjoyed some sandwiches and an ice chocolate. We then had our massages.. a pregnancy massage for me of course!

Next was the mad dash to make it to our Gold Class movie session in time!! It was very hard to get massage appointments for the two of us so this meant that we were on a little bit of a tight schedule, but we made it work. We got there before missing any of the movie, Taken 2. We both really liked it and enjoyed our yummy pop corn and drink.

After the movie there was time to look around the shops at Harbour Town before we drove to where we were having dinner. We picked a place close to Nanny and Poppy’s house so that we were able to get Addi on time for bed. Although it’s just a pub/club type place, we always enjoy the food at Fitzy’s Loganholme, so that’s where we ate! Charles has had a sore throat later, so I had to giggle when he ordered a milkshake to go with his dinner!! The milk is soothing for his throat, but I still had to wonder if I was out to dinner with Addi or Daddy :).

We had a wonderful day together but of course we both missed Addi heaps, especially me, as I’m not used to being away from him at all! At the end of the night Charles said to me “it was nice catching up with you” which I had to have a chuckle at. With the lifestyle we lead and the hours that Charles works, he really hit the nail on the head. I’m lucky to see him an hour a day during the week and it’s not common for us to get both days on the weekend together either. But you work hard to make things the best you can for your family. Eventually all the hard work, and long hours will pay off!

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