Today our little boy is one day old and as happy parents do, we have of course taken photos.

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  1. Deena Jones says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Just looked at your photos… so wonderful… hope its going well and you are getting plenty of rest during the day… look after those boobs, they are on full time duty now!

  2. Nicole Gilbert says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Ohhhh, I just checked you blog! He is absolutely amazing. What a gorgeous little boy. I love his hair, I think he’s going to give Bodhi a run for his money in that department :) He seems so placid and chilled out, hope he keeps that up for you. Another huge congrats to you and Charles.

    PS. You look absolutely incredible for someone who just pushed out a baby, well done mumma!

  3. Julie Coller says:

    Msg Via Facebook: just took a look at the photos – he is adorable, Melissa…

  4. Cassie Wilson says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Moo! I just finished reading ur blog and looking at all the pictures! During labour i had all the same things happen as you with the episiotomy, vaccuum and stitches :S althogh i did have my epidural so i didnt feel it at all! Your soo brave! Pig sounds like hes taken to fatherhood so well already ur both so lucky =) I lol’d at him taking the car for a drive to see where the bumps where in the road! So funny! I cant wait to see more pictures and hear more about how ur all going as a new family :) Me, Will and Vin are so happy for u guys, enjoy watching little Addi grow up, because it happens so fast! xoxo

  5. Mel Napier says:

    Msg Via Facebook: sweetie, he is soooo adorable!

  6. Jody Crawford says:

    Msg Via Facebook: I had a little look at your websites… How did you get time to document all of that!!! I had a little book and I struggled to keep it updated, you will be soo glad you did that when Addison grows up :) Great Job! He is absolutely gorgeous by the way, hope you are getting some kind of sleep zzzzzzz 😛

  7. Tennille Schulze says:

    Msg Via Facebook: check out all that hair so very cute melissa job well done

  8. Laura Apelt says:

    Msg Via Facebook: melissa!! he is gorgeous !!!

  9. Adele Dent says:

    Msg Via Facebook: I just look at your piccies, Addi is a little cutie :)

  10. Nicchia Samson says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Hey mel, I see U’ve had bub, congrats, I’m a bit behind on news ATM. So happy for u and charles u must be proud as pie of Ur little man.

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