Today we went to visit Nanny and went for an outing at the shops. We usually eat lunch in the Myer Cafe, mostly because they have a play area for little kids. When we first got there, two other little girls were using the area and Addi wasn’t quite game to go over with them. So while Mummy ate her lunch Addi did some puzzles and played at the table with a couple of toys. Once they were gone it was time to play!!

Who needs a little girl when you have my cutie that likes to not only play with trains and dinosaurs but tea sets!!! I just wish that I could find a more boy looking or at least gender neutral tea set for Addi. He loves making coffee with his little coffee maker but seems to really like the tea set with the tea pot, cupsĀ and tray. It’s not like a I can buy him a pink and purple one!!


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  1. Alvie says:

    Why not pink and purple? They’re just colors, right?

    They’re only thought to be feminine because society dictates that they’re “girl” colors.

  2. admin says:

    I suppose you are right, and trust me I am tempted to buy the set that he plays with at the shops as he seems to really like it. I did a bit of a look last night and there are some pretty cool ones out there though, but wow to the prices…$40 or more for a tea set was a bit much imo. I should hit some op shops etc and see what I can find. There seriously is a market for cute tea sets for boys! I think years ago boys were actually dressed in pink and girls in blue…not really sure why it changed.

  3. GRAN says:

    Hey, Melissa it’s one of the “olds” here and I’m with your previous commenter. If he likes playing with a tea set it doesn’t really matter what colour or what it’s decorated with. I think also the type of toy he chooses is fine too eg if he wants a doll and pram or whatever. I know I only had boys but if I’d had a girl she could’ve played with the Tonkas just as much as they did. My little nieces did and I do remember Add’s daddy playing house with their dolls.
    Love Gran (and wow he’s doing so well with his drawing – it’s amazing how the brain develops)

  4. admin says:

    You are totally right. I am the first to know, I played with lego, toy guns, cars, tractors, marbles, you name it I played with it. Why is it that we seem to think it’s so wrong for boys to play with girl toys, but if a girl plays with a car or truck there is no big issue. The main girl toys I had were barbies, wasn’t much of a fan of other dolls, had one or two but that’s it. Meanwhile Addi runs around with a doll in a pram, but hey I guess he thinks Mummy does it and I want to be like her! I think the tea set can be a birthday present for him…it will go nicely with his Abby from Sesame St toy.

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