Today we picked up my new pram and car-seat for Addison that had been on order at Babies Galore. The pram was purchased by my mum-in-law for her gift to us for the baby but picked out by us. We have been waiting to pick it up for a couple of weeks now and are very excited to get it home.

We decided to get the Steelcraft Eden pram as it meets all our needs and was a great design. I have actually read a lot of negative reviews about this pram however much of what people were writing and expecting the pram to do just seemed very unrealistic from this type of pram. This is why we still went with our initial decision to get the Eden. What we were looking for was primarily a 4 wheel pram (not 3 wheel jogger) to be capable of short walks around the block, that had a reverse handles so I could have Addi facing me and was easy to maneuver.

My Reverse Handle Pram from Steelcraft

My Reverse Handle Pram from Steelcraft

We had looked at other prams before finally deciding on the Eden and found that reverse handle or prams that could have the baby facing either way were extremely difficult to maneuver and steer. What is different about the Steelcraft prams is that they have a function where you can change the steering of the pram by locking the wheels.

These mean that you can have all the wheels unlocked and make it either 4 wheel steering or swap the wheels depending on which way you have the handle. For example, you can lock the back wheels no matter which way you have the handle. Now you may think this is no big deal, but try steering a pram that doesn’t have this feature and you will appreciate these wheels so much more! All four wheels also have breaks so no matter which way you are using the pram the breaks are always handy!

Along with the ease of steering, these anti-wobble, 8 lockable swivel wheels provide a smooth and comfortable ride for the baby which was very important to us.

The Eden and the Acclaim both strollers from Steelcraft have pretty much identical features with just some slight differences. We did decide on the Eden as we prefered the look of it and it was much softer and looked more comfortable for the baby. It has a removable seat pad, head rest and shoulder pads to make Addi very comfy. The pram also comes with a boot cover, mesh and storm cover. It has a large underneath basket that is a great fit for my nappy bag, plus removable storage pocket on the back.

Back Removable Pocket on the Stroller

Back Removable Pocket on the Stroller

The stroller also has multiple backrest positions for the baby, so he can lay down when he is only a newborn and then slowly sit up as he gets older. Of course the reversible handle also means that when he is older he can have the same view as me. It has a little peep window on top of the hood to keep an eye on him when in this position. The pram should be suitable up to approximately 4 years of age. I think I’m going to be very happy with this pram and can’t wait to test it out with Addi in it rather than my cabbage patch kid!

My Cabbage Patch Kid Testing Out the Pram

My Cabbage Patch Kid Testing Out the Pram

We also picked up our other purchase on the weekend that was on order, this was our Safe N Sound car-seat to get Addison home from the hospital in and of course those other important car trips! After much thought we choose the Meridian AHR Tilt & Adjust car-seat from Safe N Sound as it had all the best safety features for the price.

It has so many features however the few things that swayed us was the wrap around head rest for better safety and that can adjust as Addison grows to get the most use possible out of the car seat. It can be rearward or forward facing which meets the latest changes for children and car travel, saving us buying or hiring a capsual then a carseat. Plus Safe N Sound offer a crash replacement waranty, so if we are ever in an accident then the car seat will be replaced without question.

Meridian Car Seat from Safe N Sound

Meridian Car Seat from Safe N Sound

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