Last night Charles and I finally put up the wall decals we have bought months ago for Addison’s bedroom. Rather than making the huge mistake like the previous owners of our house did and painting murals directly onto the walls!! we went for the easier and much neater option of wall decals.

They give a very professional finish and come in a range of varieties, not just for baby and kids bedrooms but also for use throughout the house with plenty of decorative stickers. Not only do they look great but you can put them up however you like as each part is individually cut, but they can be easily removed when you grow tired of them or want a change.

In this case they are perfect for a child’s room, as they can be changed as he gets older and has different interests. Sure enough Addison will have many ideas on how he wants his room to look when he gets older. This way we are not up for a lot of money to change it to how he likes… or repaint walls for that matter! I can tell you it wasn’t an easy job to paint over the Sesame Street Characters that once occupied these walls!!

One thing that I have refused to do is change the wall colours in this room to suit your typical nursery or baby’s room look of either blue or pink decor! I wanted it to remain in the same colour theme as the rest of the house. But just because I have done this, doesn’t mean that the room can’t be fun and look like a beautiful nursery! These decals have certainly worked a treat for making the neutral room, which was once a study, come to life.

The first decals I bought were these cute cats, birds and lamp-post:

Cute Cats, Birds and Lamp-post Wall Decals

Cute Cats, Birds and Lamp-post Wall Decals

Being cat owners we really wanted to introduce cats to Addi’s bedroom and thought that this small wall space right next to the door was the puuuurfect spot for this set of decals.

The second wall decal that we put up was this tree and children swinging, also featuring birds:

Wall Decal of a Tree with Children Swinging

Wall Decal of a Tree with Children Swinging

 This decal set fits really well with our nature and birdie theme and has a real playful spirit about it. I’m sure you will agree that these wall decals really do add something special to the bedroom.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Karen Kempf says:

    Wall decal of a tree with Children swinging..Where can I purchase this?

  2. admin says:

    Karen, I bought the wall decals from a seller on ebay: is the link for the store. I’m not sure if they still have this one, but have a look at their store and i’m sure you will find something you like. I found them very helpful.

  3. Helen says:

    Amazing look. I am also a wall stickers lover. Specialy banksy wall sticker.

  4. admin says:

    They are the best way to update a room frequently and are great for kids rooms The previous owners of our house actually painted directly onto the walls!!! took so much to get it to cover over.

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