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Today at play group the kids made Easter bonnets and had a little parade. Here are a couple of quick photos I took on my phone of Addi in his Easter bonnet and Preston enjoying the fun.

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Just in the last few days I’ve been thinking about making some clothes for the boys. After I made a couple of drawstring toy bags for Addison I decided to try and sew a pair of shorts for Preston using the left over fabric. I used a pair of shorts   Read More ...

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After having this fabric for months now with the intention of sewing a couple of toy bags for Addi I finally got around to doing it!! I made a big drawstring bag for Addison’s play dough and a small one for his flash cards (after he decided to destroy the   Read More ...

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A very popular party decoration are these tissue paper poms (or pom poms). I have seen these for sale in the shops for ridiculous prices and can’t believe that people don’t just make them! They are very simple and I’m going to tell you how you can make your own.   Read More ...

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I forgot to share this before. Addi doesn’t often do the craft at play group as he is generally too busy playing with the cars and trains to stop and go in the craft room. But today he was really keen. I was holding Preston but the other Mummy’s were   Read More ...

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When I was pregnant with Addison I made myself up little reminder, tip cards for feeding, playing and sleeping and put them on a little chart (I found them when I was cleaning up my laptop files). Yes, I too was one of those people that had all these grand   Read More ...

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This post is only over a year late, but hey..better late than never!! I took some photos when I was making paper wheel fans for Addison’s first birthday party with the intention of doing a “How To” on the blog! Since then I haven’t had the opportunity to actually write it,   Read More ...

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In the lead up to Easter, Addison and I have been doing some craft each week. Last week we made a pom pom bunny rabbit and today we made an Easter chick and Easter bag with a chicken. They have some really cute Easter craft packs at Riot (one of   Read More ...

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This morning I had a very proud Mummy moment! Months ago I showed Addison how to use the toy scissors that come with his play dough set and he wasn’t all that interested in doing it. Today we were playing with his play dough and all of a sudden he   Read More ...

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As you all know I like to do arts and crafts with Addison, but it is often hard to come up with things that he can actually participate in. Most of the time it is Addi picking the colours of things, such as the eyes that we stick on one   Read More ...

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