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Today while I was laying down I definitely felt Squiggle move for the first time. It seems so early to be feeling the baby move at just over 12 weeks, but they do say that you feel them much sooner the second time around.

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Today we had our 11 week check up with Dr Bopp our obstetrician, which means we got to see our little baby squiggle again!!! We were supposed to also see the midwife but she was unfortunately away sick, so next time we will have an appointment with her. It’s really   Read More ...

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Today we had our first appointment with our OB Dr Bopp (the same Ob as we had for our pregnancy with Addison). He was wonderful the first time and so there was no reason we should change. Dr Bopp did our first official ultrasound today and we got to see   Read More ...

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After having a rough start to our second pregnancy with some spotting and light bleeding, I spent the week going backwards and forwards to the doctors and having blood tests. This week I had three blood tests done, two days apart to check that my hcg levels were rising like   Read More ...

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Over the last few months we have been trying for another baby, hoping to fall pregnant so the birth would be in 2012. It seemed to take a while to get my body back to normal after having Addi since I had am still am breastfeeding. But after many attempts   Read More ...

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With my new EDD of 27 October that makes me 13 weeks today. I was doing some reading about 13 weeks pregnancy and the baby’s development and apparently there are finger prints on the baby’s fingers!!! How amazing to think that all the little details such as finger prints are developing. As   Read More ...

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It is a great feeling to finally be 12 weeks pregnant. This week my baby’s face is looking much more human and the eyes and ears are just about where they should be. Next week I have my NT Scan and get to check that the baby is progressing well   Read More ...

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Today I am 10 weeks pregnant which means that the baby’s major organs have now formed. And even more of the little details are begining to appear, such as fingernails! The limbs are developing with writsts, fingers and toes. The arms become bent at the elbow and likewise the legs have   Read More ...

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At 9 weeks our baby is finally starting to look more like a little human. The baby is about 2.3 cms long at 9 weeks pregnant and weights less than 2 grams. Although not completely formed it has all the standard body parts. Also despite not being able to tell   Read More ...

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