Well it’s like they say, when you want something done you have to do it yourself… having photos of me with Addi is very rare so whenever I can I try to take photos of the two of us using the timer feature on the camera. The tricky thing about this is getting Addi to look in the right direction and to smile (due to his smiles usually being because of me being silly behind the camera).

Addison and Mummy

Addison and Mummy

At least I will have one photo of us all together after today’s photo shoot with Pixi. I can’t say that I’m terribly impressed however. I just don’t see how they can charge what they do for one photo!! I do understand the cost of equipment and the skill it takes to get a nice photo. But I always thought and was under the impression that Pixi were supposed to be an affordable alternative to having a professional photographer do a shoot.

I know they are still trained etc but I guess times have changed from our parents day when you could get lots of prints done for a reasonable price. I just would have thought that since we have reached the digital age that would be a reason for prices to be less not more!!!

Anyway…rant over :) I am getting one free print which I’m very thankful for and have purchased two of the photos of Addi on CD, so hopefully I’ll be able to share these with you in a couple weeks when I collect them. I’m just glad I take as many photos as I do, we simply can’t afford to have professional photos done, not at those prices!

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  1. Georgia says:

    Hi Melissa,

    You might consider hiring a professional photographer to do a shoot with you. They charge a higher up front rate, sitting fee etc but then you are given a disc of the images – which quite often are more natural and filled with your character instead of a studio standard.

    For example. I charge a sitting fee of $250. It covers my time (shooting and processing)/travel and baby sitting costs. I provide a disc with between 25-50 digital images which you can print/reproduce at your will.

    Lots of photographers work like this and lots have a cheaper sitting fee! You should look around next time you’re in the market for family photos.

    Pixi photos are outrageously expensive and quite often – really bad photography!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Georgia!
    I had considered this but had no idea what the cost was like, I guess I just assumed that it would be way out of my budget having someone come to me and then the cost of photos. I actually said to mum the other day that I would be better of doing something like when I had my wedding photos done, book for a few hours and then get all of them on cd…I ended up with hundreds of wonderful pictures.

    I think if I decide to have another baby that I will do this. I’ll make do with what I get and plus you may have noticed I’m a bit crazy with the digital camera taking heaps of photos of Addi so I don’t miss a thing. We will eventually be building a house in a couple of years too, which will mean that I’ll have more wall space for photos…atm I just don’t and so it would be a bit of a waste. Having said that I don’t want to miss this time in his life, but I just have to watch my budget.

    I’m really disappointed after the pixi experience but I at least have something. I will keep your suggestion in mind for sure when I can afford some piccies :)

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