After my waters broke everything seemed to happen very quickly! I was promptly hooked up to the monitors to check on Addison and also to watch not only my blood pressure and how my body was coping during contractions, but how long they were lasting.

It wasn’t long and I suddenly had the urge to push. The midwife and OB, Dr Miriam Lee (not mine – Dr Bopp who I had been seeing – but the one on call for the weekend) actually thought I was pushing too soon because it happened so fast. It gave me a big shock, it was such an unexpected feeling and gave me a scare (and probably the rest of the maternity ward) as I screamed blue murder. It was so overwhelming but with help from Charles and the midwife I was able to get a grip and gather myself, calming down again and getting a hold of my emotions.

It was hard going from this point on, I eventually asked for some of the happy gas but found that I was a little too late with this request as it isn’t possible to use the gas while you push. You need to be able to breath the gas in during the contraction, but of course you can’t do this while pushing. So with no pain relief I continued to do what my body told me and push with all my might.

We tried positioning me in a few different ways, nothing was feeling right but I guess it’s all uncomfortable no matter what you do. I tried facing the back of the bed and leaning against it, up on my knees. I stayed like this for the majority of the labour and pushing stage. After about 1 and 1/2 hours of pushing and not getting anywhere it was time for another internal check (not fun!).

The OB suggested and recommended that I have a vacuum assisted delivery as I was just getting so exhausted with the pushing (after not having had any sleep, I was just about out of puff!). This meant that I had to have a catheter inserted to empty my bladder, my legs up in stirrups and an episiotomy which was to help prevent perineal tearing. A suction cap was attached to Addison’s head and then used to help me push during a contraction.

The reason for why the pushing stage was taking so long was then discovered. The umbilical cord was holding Addison back and basically working against my hard work of pushing! It was swiftly cut, and it didn’t take long for his head to be born. The rest happened very quickly and next thing I know the midwife is putting a baby up on my chest!!

Addison was born at 9.59 am (yes, he couldn’t wait 1 minute to be born at 10 am) today, Sunday 31st October 2010.

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40 Responses so far.

  1. Cyril Davies says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congratulations Melissa and Charles on the birth of Addison! Love you all, Nan and Grandad D.

  2. Tim Hunt says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congrats Melissa, what an awesome blessing :)

  3. Peta Munt says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congratulations xox

  4. Belinda Cruickshank says:

    Via SMS: Yay he’s arrived! Congrats guys, great crop of hair! Enjoy this special time with your new son! Hope your doing ok Lissy!

  5. Lisa Litfin says:

    Msg Via SMS: Congratulations! Welcome to the world Addison. Xoxo

  6. Mel Napier says:

    Via SMS: Omg mel! Congratulations sweetie! Hope everything went ok and u and addison r both doing well! He is beautiful! Enjoy mummy xxx

  7. Aunty Eleni says:

    Msg Via SMS: I can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug for being so strong and brave, I am so proud of you and your both going to be such great parents. See you tomorrow :)

  8. Heidi says:

    Msg Via SMS: Omg!!!! Yay..xxxxxx

  9. Suzy Munt says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congrats to your little family! Love Suzy and Steve xx

  10. Natalie Williams says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congratulations Melissa and Charles! I can’t wait to meet your little boy :) thank you so much for your thoughtful gift and advice, and for the something borrowed! We missed you at the party but you had an excellent excuse not to come! Hehe. Thinking of you with lots of love from Nat xoxo

  11. Aunty Eleni says:

    Msg Via SMS: That’s alot of hair, are you sure he’s not Greek???…lol…Sweet Dreams. See you tomorrow xo

  12. Mel Napier says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congratulations sweetie! Am so pleased 2 hear of addison’s safe arrival! Take care beautful mummy xxx

  13. Nicole Bidgood says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congratulations Melissa and Charles on the safe arrival of your beautiful son Addison take care xox

  14. Tracey Turvey says:

    Msg Via Facebook: congratulations to u both on the arrival of addison. Hope all went well. Look after yorself and cant wait to see pics of him.

  15. Robin Samson says:

    Msg Via SMS: Oh my god sooo little gratz little mummy lol so happy for you both.

  16. Trevor Munt says:

    Msg Via Facebook: congrats melissa and charles on the safe arrival of addison charles, rest up and lap up all the attention in hospital. hope to see you soon love (great aunty) shirley and (great uncle) trev.

  17. Jodie Thomas says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Awesome news! congrats :0)

  18. Nicole Gilbert says:

    Msg Via Facebook: So I guess Addison arrived? Yey!!! Massive congratulations ♥

    I just e-mailed mum to tell her but she told me she had already seen a photo! Looks like Addi has a very proud Grandma! Can’t wait to see some pics. Hope you’re both doing well.

  19. Bec Picone says:

    Msg Via SMS: Yay! Welcome to the world little Addison! Looking forward to seeing the little man. Xox

  20. Deena Jones says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congrats Liss and Charles!! Can’t wait to see photos of little Addison… Welcome to Motherhood!! Lots of Love Deena, Toby and Kaley xxx

  21. Adele Dent says:

    Msg Via SMS: Awwww yay good to hear can’t believe how fast that nine months went!! Congrats again xoxo

  22. Katie Van Der Meulen says:

    Msg Via Facebook: congratulations on the birth of Addison, it has been a long wait but i am sure it has definately been worth it

  23. Ringo Ng says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congratulations!!!! The wait is over !!!!! ♥

  24. Cameron Graham says:

    Msg Via Facebook: OMG. Hi 2 U Addison!?

  25. Robin Samson says:

    Msg Via Facebook: congratulations on the birth of Addison.. he looks sooooo cute in uur arms moo

  26. Julie Coller says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congrats Melissa!!!

  27. Tennille Schulze says:

    Msg Via Facebook: ohhh yay lol congrats

  28. Cassie Wilson says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Yay congrats Moo and Pig =) Im so happy u finally get ur bundle of joy! U guys will be the best parents ever! All our love Cass, Will and Vin xoxo

  29. Sarah Sly says:

    Msg Via Facebook: CONGRATULATIONS!

  30. Jenny Langford says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congrats lissy and Charles on your baby boy. Enjoy every minute they dont stay young forever!

  31. Timiney Colefax says:

    Msg Via SMS: Congratulations that is fantastic. Welcom Addison. Let me know when you are ready for visitors. I dont want to intrude but would love to see you all. Big hugs and squeezes.

  32. Angela Heaven says:

    Msg Via Facebook: congratulations, glad all is well.

  33. Gerard Ladiges says:

    Msg Via Facebook: congratz

  34. Ruth Hughes says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Fantastic! Chris and I are really happy for you and Charles and the new love of your life. :)

  35. Laura Apelt says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Melissa! congratulations on little Addison! I’m sure you’ll be flooded with guests throughout the next few months but I will find a way to see him! haha
    best of luck, you will be a great mother! so kind and caring . once again, congratulations!!

  36. Chris Stewart says:

    Msg Via Facebook: Congratulations to you both.

  37. Ashleigh says:

    Wooo finally get to hear how things went for you :) Glad they were able to figure out a way to make it all work. Was he very loud once he got out from being vacuum assisted out?

    Hope you and Addison are doing well :)

  38. Dolkar says:

    Msg Via SMS: Congratulations

  39. admin says:

    Haha, yes I’m slowly catching up, but want to do it properly and not just throw some photos up. Trying to capture the entire story of what has unfolded in the last week. But of course I’m now working around a baby so things don’t happen as fast as what they used to hehe.

    He actually only had a very short cry when he was out unlike some of the other babies that have a very loud and long cry following birth. And he’s actually not much of a cryer, only to let me know that he wants something of course.

    I’m recovering well and Addison and I are slowly getting used to things. :)

  40. Ashleigh says:

    Well that’s good that he’s not too much of a crier :)

    Good to hear :)

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