Well here we go…. Christmas 2015, probably my worst Christmas to date. It makes me sad just thinking about it. What was supposed to be a wonderful time with the people I love most turned into a disappointing time. I had prepared so much for the day. We had done lots of wonderful things on Christmas Eve, everything was great. I was up late, as most mums are on Christmas Eve, busy preparing for the next day of fun. I particularly wanted to be super organised this year so that I could enjoy more of the day. At least that was the plan.

I finished up at about 11 pm, the presents were all nicely arranged around the tree, Santa had been… and well I, I wasn’t feeling very well. The entire family hadn’t really been all that great over the last few weeks, we certainly had our fair share of the bugs going around, me in particular. So surely not on Christmas Day when I woke just after midnight feeling very sick. Surely not again?!? Yep apparently so. My worst nightmare had come true, I was sick for Christmas. The one day that I look forward to every year was going to be spent with my head in a bucket and running for the toilet, in between plenty of bed rest (if such thing exists). One word… Devastated! Another word… Disappointed! And a couple months on when I’m finally writing this these two words are still strong in my heart. I missed Christmas.

There are about 3 photos from the day, one of which I’m in the background laying on the couch looking terrible, trying to watch my boys open their presents. Trying to participate in the day. These presents I painstakingly searched high and low for and wrapped for hours. Things I had bought thinking would bring a smile to their faces. A smile now that I was missing out on because I felt so ill. I was sick and in pain, it had been a rough night.

About the one thing I am thankful for is that once everyone arrived (yes, people our parents were supposed to be coming for a wonderful Christmas meal and time with us all) I could at least get some rest. I never get to rest when I’m sick. I just keep on going to the best of my ability, being a mummy. A never ending job. A job that usually means I have no choice in continuing even when I’m feeling my worst. At least this time, I had a tribe to look after things for me. Meanwhile, they all made Christmas lunch (something I was supposed to be out there doing) and I lay in bed. I was so sad. I look forward to that meal so much, and here I was, that one special day of the year flying by. I actually didn’t get to even taste the wonderful food until days later, I just didn’t have an appetite. So frustrating.

That was that. I hope I never have to go through that again. Meanwhile, until next year! Let’s hope 2016 brings me a much merrier Christmas!

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  1. Gran says:

    Oh Melissa I hear youe pain and disappointment. I know you plan such a special family celebration for Christmas and all the other special days. I am glad we could let you rest – at least that was one blessing. We grandparents did enjoy the time caring for the boys and making sure things went somewhat to plan even though we didn’t have your gifts in this area. I agree it’s not something to repeat. I’m sure there seem to be so many more bugs around these days -they seem to just keep cycling through much more than I ever remember.

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