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After play group today we went to visit our OB, Dr Bopp for our weekly check up. I am 38 weeks tomorrow and the count down to Squiggles arrival is on! My blood pressure was perfect once again which is great news at this stage of a pregnancy. Dr Bopp   Read More ...

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Now that we are over 35 weeks in our pregnacy we are having weekly check ups until Squiggle arrives. We had our 36 week regular check up with our OB Dr Bopp today. Everything is perfect and we are on Schedule for Squiggle’s arrival.

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Off to the doctor went Addi and Mummy for the 33 week check up. Usually Daddy comes too, but we could only get a morning appointment and Daddy has meetings on all day. But that’s ok, he does his best to get to them when he can. Work is very   Read More ...

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Unfortunately Dr Bopp was away this week so instead Addi and I saw the midwife for our 31 1/2 week check up. We have appointments every 2 weeks now with our OB. Everything is looking great and of course I’m feeling much better after getting over that nasty flu a   Read More ...

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I made it! Today I am 40 weeks pregnant and have reached my due date according to our first ultrasound (remember our due date based on my LMP is actually tomorrow 28th October 2010). However, I am still pregnant, Addison has not arrived yet so therefore the wait continues! So   Read More ...

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Well we made it to Friday, which is the date that we needed to make sure that Addison wasn’t born before, due to our private health insurance cover. This basically means that whenever our little boy is ready he can make an appearance and we will not be out of   Read More ...

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Not much can beat the feeling of knowing I’ve come this far and there is only 1 week to go (there abouts). Plus not forgetting that our private health insurance kicks in on Friday, so only have to make it through today and tomorrow without having a baby! Everyone is   Read More ...

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Off to our weekly appointment and check up with our obstetrician this morning. We are 38 1/2 weeks pregnant and everything is smooth sailing. Fundal height measurement was 37 to 38cms, exactly as it should be! And my blood pressure was normal at 115/70, which is great news. The count   Read More ...

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Today I have reached 38 weeks of my pregnancy and am getting more and more excited about the arrival of our baby boy! Not long now with only two weeks to go, I can’t wait. I’ve been feeling quite tired recently and have been doing my best to get as   Read More ...

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Today we had our appointment with the obstetrician to check on my and Addison’s progress. Everything is going very well with the pregnancy. My blood pressure was 120/70, which is great – he did take it twice however as it was a little higher than normal when I arrived but   Read More ...

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