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Today I am 37 weeks pregnant which is just incredible! My head is spinning with excitement as my pregnancy has now reached full term and I can expect the arrival of our baby boy any time now. I can’t contain my excitement that soon I will get to meet Addison. I   Read More ...

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After having my 36 week blood tests on Thursday it was time to see our obstetrician today for the results and this weeks check up. We will be seeing him every week now up until our little boy is born. Not long to go now! Good news, the blood test   Read More ...

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Today I am 36 weeks pregnant and am totally excited to be entering the last month of pregnancy and the third trimester. It was a bit of a rough start to the week with my lower legs, ankles and feet swelling up like balloons. They were quite painful too and a   Read More ...

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It won’t be long now and we can start counting down the days to our baby’s arrival. Today we have one month to go until Addison’s original due date of 28th October 2010! It sure is about to feel very real as we enter October in a couple of days. We   Read More ...

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Charles and I went to our 35 week appointment today with our obstetrician and everything is perfect! Addison is head down and has started to descend. He is a good size with the fundal measurement between 35 and 36cms, which is spot on of course since I am 35 weeks   Read More ...

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Today I am 35 weeks into my pregnancy and am bursting with excitement as the day of meeting my son grows closer and closer! With only 5 weeks or so to go this is probably one of the most important times of my life! Soon everything will change, I feel   Read More ...

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Today I am 34 weeks pregnant and have been busy getting my hospital bag packed and ready to go. We had our baby shower for Addison on Saturday and had a fantastic time! Unfortunately my mum has all of the photos from the day, so you will have to wait   Read More ...

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Today I am 33 weeks pregnant and to be honest all I can think about is my ceiling rafters getting painted today. It is actually getting done at this very minute as I type. Once that is done I’m into baby shower mode!! I’m getting so excited now, with only   Read More ...

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We had the tour of Pindara hospital’s maternity ward tonight as part of our antenatal class. It was great to finally see the rooms where we would stay after the birth of our babies and also the birthing rooms at the hospital. The birthing suites were pretty much decked out with   Read More ...

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I have reached 32 weeks of pregnancy today which means only 8 weeks or so to go until we meet our baby boy, Addison. Yet again still just the same problems as the last couple of weeks, dealing with back pain. I really hope that it gets better as it   Read More ...

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