Firstly, hi everyone I’m Melissa! Some of you might know me as the Lissy from my website or perhaps you are family, friends or just interested in following me on this new journey of my life.

This blog is all about being pregnant for the first time, the experiences step by step in everyday life and how my husband and I prepare for our little baby.

I’m quite crafty (as some of you may already know) and plan to make lots of fun and quirky little toys and decorations for the babies room. So along with my blogs about pregnancy I will also share my projects, arts and crafts for those of you that might like to try them out too.

My positive pregnancy test

My positive at home pregnancy test

My husband (Charles) and I had decided in December 2009 that we would start trying for a baby. After going off the pill we had two unsuccessful attempts, then third time lucky we had a positive result from an at home test!! The next step for us was to head to see a doctor and have them confirm the results and tell us what was next.

It is said that some women have symptoms and others have none at all, often going for weeks and weeks without knowing that they are actually expecting. A couple symptoms that tipped me off was the fact that my cycle was 2 days late (not a very significant sign being only two days, but when you are trying to conceive I guess the slightest hint of anything is exciting). I had also been feeling a little sick, probably not the best word to describe it. Let’s just say I was a little “off” and not 100% for the week leading up to doing the at home pregnancy test. Leading up to and still to this point I have found myself needing to run to the toilet on the hour, every hour (apparently frequent urination is a very common early sign of pregnancy).

Next I’ll tell you all about the doctors visit and all the exciting information about the baby including the due date :)

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