I feel like I have been so very slack with the updates during this pregnancy. I guess that is mainly because I have Addison which takes my mind off the fact that I’m even pregnant! I’m so busy with our every day life and looking after Addi that I barely have time to even think about being pregnant. It certainly is different the second time around.

I remember when I was pregnant with Addison it was all new and exciting, not a day would go by when you didn’t think about that baby’s arrival and all the anticipation that went with having a baby. Your first pregnancy you have no idea what to expect for any part of it. The pregnancy itself, the labour and then of course the actually having a little person in your life to look after.

I’ve spoken to many people expecting their second baby and they feel exactly the same. “People will ask how far along I am and I have to stop and think. It reminds me that I’m actually pregnant.” Just one comment a lady made when I was speaking to her about being pregnant again. I totally agree.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that it isn’t exciting to be pregnant again and to know that a baby is coming into our lives very soon. It’s just that we have been there done that and know what to expect from being pregnant. Having said that no two pregnancies are the same, just like no two babies are the same. It will be very interesting to see what our baby squiggle is like and all the differences between our two boys.

I’ve said it from the start, this pregnancy really is very different to my first. And things seem to happen a lot sooner than in your first. The first movements, your tummy “showing” but also some of the bad things such as the back pain.

During my pregnancy with Addison I suffered from back pain from around the 30 week mark, but I’m bigger a lot sooner this time and I guess that explains the back troubles I’m already facing. I also don’t get all that much time to rest, Addi wouldn’t allow for it, so it is only to be expected.

As I said at the beginning of the post, I feel quite slack as I haven’t been doing many updates with my second¬†pregnancy. I guess that is mainly because everything that is happening with my pregnancy at this stage I experienced with my first. It wasn’t like early on when I was sick and things were different.

I was determined to be better at keeping a record this time around, but I have to say I’m much, much worse! I wanted to measure my tummy, take weekly photos and record my weight increase…but I just don’t seem to have the time. It seems silly really. Taking a photo only takes a few minutes, and likewise with the other records…I just don’t seem to have a few minutes spare.

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  1. GRAN says:

    Hi, Melissa,
    I sure do understand your thoughts here. I think also it depends how close the children are in age and most are spaced around the two year difference. Mine were 4 and a half years apart and it was really like having another first time except Charles could do so much by the time he was 4 that I wondered how I could be starting out all over again. Each one is different and that makes each life an exciting adventure of discovery. One thing I learnt was to use the time they were sleeping to rest myself as they sure do keep you busy in their waking hours! It helped that we were on a farm and Charles was old enough to go out with his Dad which gave me some times with just the newborn at home. I hope we can all find ways to support you when the new bundle arrives. love from E

  2. admin says:

    It would have been so hard to think you had to start over again. Even at this point I think I must be a little crazy for wanting to go through it all again since Addi is reaching an age where he is starting to do things on his own and it feels like a lot of the hard stuff is behind us (mind you, I know there are so many more hurdles to face!). We have so many people around that love us so much and give us all the support we need. Sometimes I wish that we were all much closer but I get by. I hope that Addison’s nap times sort themself out a bit more by the time Squiggle comes so that I can get some rest during the day but I won’t count on it.

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