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Off I went bright and early after having to fast all night for the dreaded Glucose Tolerance Test. As I mentioned in my earlier post, this is a 2 hour test which involves a urine sample, another “yummy” glucose drink, no food or drink during the test (or before), 3   Read More ...

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I got the dreaded phone call today with the bad news that I needed to take the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) as I had high results for my glucose screening test yesterday. 2 hours of torture! I told the receptionist that called me from Dr Bopp’s office that she could   Read More ...

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Here we go again, it’s that time during the pregnancy (26 to 28 weeks) where we have to test to see if I have gestational diabetes. This is done by doing a glucose screening which basically means I go into a pathology center and drink a glucose drink and then   Read More ...

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I feel like I have been so very slack with the updates during this pregnancy. I guess that is mainly because I have Addison which takes my mind off the fact that I’m even pregnant! I’m so busy with our every day life and looking after Addi that I barely   Read More ...

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Today we had our ultrasound to find out the gender of our little squiggle baby…but of course we are not finding out until our gender reveal party on Saturday! Charles will find out a couple of days early before the party to organise the balloons to reveal the gender of   Read More ...

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Today we had another appointment with our OB Dr Bopp for our baby Squiggle. We got to see him/her briefly (we wanted to make sure we didn’t accidentally see the gender, even though it is probably too early to see on the doctors ultrasound) and checked my blood pressure. All   Read More ...

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Today I went along to QML pathology to have my glucose tolerance test done. Basically the test is 1 hour long where you have to drink a sugary drink that they give you and for the next hour you are not to have any other food or drink. They then   Read More ...

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It seems like time is just flying by, I guess that’s because I’ve been keeping very busy so all the weeks are going so fast! I’m also feeling a lot more prepared after last week, I think mainly because we have picked up some of the larger items for Addison   Read More ...

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I had another doctors visit today to check on Addi’s progress and mine of course. My blood pressure has been perfect for the entire pregnancy which is great news, yet again today it was the same as it has been for all my previous visits. My ob had a look   Read More ...

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Today I am 25 weeks pregnant and still very busy working on everything for the baby shower. The back pain that I had been having seems to be getting a bit better however each morning I have noticed that I am feeling sick and a little faint. Travelling in the   Read More ...

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