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Today I am 24 weeks pregnant and the back pain continues. That’s about the only complaint that I have, everything else is going great guns with Addi being very active. I’ve started to think more about planning his room and getting everything ready. Depite it appearing as though I have a   Read More ...

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Today I am 23 weeks pregnant and the main thing that I have been noticing is the amount of movement I’m feeling of Addi. He doesn’t seem to sleep anymore, he’s always moving around in there having a good time I find it so incredible to feel him move, and   Read More ...

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Today I am 22 weeks pregnant and I think I’m at that stage in the pregnancy where I’m more excited to be counting down than up! To think that in 18 weeks I will get to meet my little boy is just an amazing and thrilling idea. I can’t believe   Read More ...

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Today I am 21 weeks pregnant and am feeling really good. I’m at that middle part of the pregnancy where I’m not too big yet that things are really uncomfortable and well and truly past all of those early symptoms of pregnancy. Even my sinus trouble seems to have settled   Read More ...

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How exciting, not only do we now know that we are having a little boy but I have reached the half way mark of the pregnancy – 20 weeks to go!! Every moment from now is just amazing, I’ve started to feel Addison kicking me frequently everyday. The next 20   Read More ...

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This week I’m 19 weeks pregnant and really can think about nothing else other than my ultrasound next Tuesday! As you all know I plan to find out what I’m having (a boy or girl) so hopefully the baby will cooperate and make it very easy to tell the gender! My   Read More ...

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What a busy time I’ve been having this week with our recent bedroom renovations. We are preparing to paint and it sure is taking up a lot of my time…especially since I have to take it easy. Don’t worry, I’ve been taking frequent breaks and not over doing myself!! Today I   Read More ...

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Now I’m not sure, but I don’t know what else it would have been…I think that I just felt our baby move for the first time tonight. Not once, but twice!! Until it starts to occur more frequently I can’t be 100% sure but I thought it was worth mentioning   Read More ...

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So we got up bright and early (well, early for me) for our 8.10 am appointment with our obstetrician at Pindara Place today. These appointments really are very standard, the doctor basically checks to see if I have been having any problems during my pregnancy and answers any questions I   Read More ...

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Today I am 17 weeks pregnant and as you would have read I have been suffering from rhinitis of pregnancy (in simple terms, a stuffy nose!). Apart from this, everything is coming along quite smoothly, and to check all is well with this little bub of ours we have an   Read More ...

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